Round Concrete Manholes for Sanitary Sewers and Storm Drains

American Concrete Products can assist with design and can engineer underground structures within our market areas. Structures can be provided for all different types of loadings, including highway, railroad and aviation.

Precast round concrete manholes are available in diameters of 48 inches through 120 inches. They can be used for sanitary sewer and storm drain applications. Manhole sections are available with single off-set gasket joint, confined o-ring gasket joint, or preformed butyl gasket.

Precast round concrete manholes can be supplied with precast base slab and inverts, flexible pipe connections, protective linings or coatings, protective admixtures, tinted concrete and custom openings.


  • Grade Rings
  • Castings
  • Flattop Lids
  • Reducing Cone Section
  • Manhole Riser Sections
  • Manhole Base Sections
  • Inverts
  • Flexible Rubber Pipe Connectors
  • Joint Material
  • Joint Wrap

Contact an American Concrete Products – Utility Division representative for details not listed on this page.


  • ASTM C478 / AASHTO M199 — Circular Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections
  • ASTM C443 — Joints for Circular Concrete Sewer and Culvert Pipe Using Rubber Gaskets
  • AASHTO M198 — Joints for Circular Concrete Sewer and Culvert Pipe Using Flexible Watertight Gaskets
  • ASTM C923 — Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures and Pipes
  • Manholes sections have Dayton Superior P-75 utility anchors.
  • Manhole components are produced to accept Tylox SupersealTM pre-lubed
  • Rubber gaskets or confined oring rubber gaskets.
  • Flexible connections available per ASTM C 923.