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Control Stormwater Run-off and Reduce Pollution

Stormceptor is a unique, patented pollution control device that incorporates into your storm drainage system and intercepts non–point source pollution carried by the stormwater run-off.

Through years of testing and monitoring, these precast units have proven to be extremely effective in protecting the environment from run-off pollution.

Stormceptor captures and stores sediment, heavy metals, nutrients, and oils with no potential of scouring or re-suspension of the trapped pollutants; even during peak stormwater flows. Units can be utilized in new construction or retrofitted into an existing drainage system in either an on-line or off-line configuration.

Go beyond tabular flow using:
  • Actual Site Parameters
  • Updated continuous rainfall databases
  • Includes duration, distribution, peaks
  • Interevent periods
  • Selectable TSS target
  • Selection of Particle Size Distributions (PSDs)
  • Model for retention in treatment chains
  • Local technical support

Contact  an American Concrete Products – Utility Division representative for more information.