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City of Omaha CSO Project - Nicholas Street Phase 1

Improving Missouri River water quality

This sewer separation project in Downtown Omaha, NE was a $15.8 million contract that was dominated by a triple run of 108-inch diameter storm sewer. There was also a jack and bore section underneath a railroad crossing. The project improved the water quality in the Missouri River by removing a large volume of stormwater runoff from a combined sewer system and increased the storm sewer capacity in an underserved area.

The 108-inch reinforced concrete pipe was produced by dry-cast production method in eight foot lengths. The total project footage was 6,300 LF produced according to ASTM C-361 and ASTM C-655 specifications. Each section weighed 33,400 lbs and was shipped one piece per load to the jobsite. Hawkins Construction Company used a crane for unloading and installing the RCP.

Lamp, Rynearson & Associates designed the project to be constructed within a single trench, which was a particularly innovative design and method of construction. They were also the construction administrator, surveyors and inspectors for the project. The project was completed in the summer of 2013.